Introduction to washing clothes

Introduction to washing clothes
There are many washing techniques, the most commonly used ones are general washing, stone washing, green pattern washing and snowflake washing. Each process uses different processing methods, giving the clothes a natural worn-in effect of fading, whitening, or even slight damage. The characteristics of the washing process determine that the old style will also fade slightly during daily washing. This is a normal nostalgic effect and not a color fixation problem.
Our washed styles are dyed and washed in small batches of ready-to-wear garments, so the colors in each batch will not be exactly the same. Therefore, the degree of coloring is different. With the same dyeing data, the color produced every time will be slightly different. It is precisely because of this difference that it is more unique. For all small-batch dyeing and washing products, the color matching rate is about 80%, and the color fastness level 2-3 is within the normal range.
The drying temperature for secondary processing and printing of partially washed clothes cannot be higher than 115 degrees Celsius. Too high a temperature will cause the fabric to become brittle, please pay attention!
The above are the characteristics of washed styles. Novice sellers must pay attention to them. If you prefer styles with bright colors that won’t fade, we recommend choosing our solid color, washable series.
Pure cotton clothing is prone to fading when exposed to the sun for a long time. Try to avoid it. Please dry it in the shade in a ventilated and dark place.